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This intranet platform offers a range of services specifically designed for work teams. Not only does it provide simple and efficient file management, but it also offers an online collaborative workspace accessible anytime, anywhere!

Soluqual offers you its services for setting up and managing SharePoint for your business. Thanks to our expertise in process automation and document management, we support you effectively to ensure the learning of the tool, to maximize SharePoint’s potential.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an online platform offered by the Microsoft Office suite. It is a space for collaboration, information management, storage and communication that has been designed to optimize the overall efficiency of businesses.

Offering the ability to search, categorize, manage, and modify your internal and external information of your online organization, SharePoint for business makes it possible to increase your productivity and centralize collaborative processes. In addition, a multitude of complementary tools are provided and allow you to exploit new modalities according to your company’s needs.

Why migrate to SharePoint for business?

With the multitude of platforms, networks, and ways to manage information, teams and customers sometimes lose valuable time trying to find information, communicate, and understand the platforms. Plus, losing documents can be expensive for your business.

Microsoft SharePoint offers you the possibility to improve content management and business information management with a facilitated formula of :

  • Sharing files internally and externally,
  • Safe storage of documents on the same platform,
  • Online collaboration working simultaneously on shared documents.

You can choose your formula between different versions of SharePoint that exist. SharePoint Online offers cloud services for online support of your documentation. This allows you to access your information anytime and anywhere! SharePoint Server, its local version, can be used with an Office 365 subscription and offers additional opportunities for businesses (such as creating team sites).

Whatever your version, SharePoint for business content is secure and can be shared through permissions. This not only controls file access, but also tracks changes and the evolution of each member's work through the history.

A tailor-made solution for your business

Distinguish yourself from your competitors and simplify your work life with SharePoint for business integrated solutions. You, your employees and your collaborators will all benefit from your transition to digital and online sharing.

Choisir la solution SharePoint permet à votre entreprise :

  • Considerable savings : in time and costs,
  • The speed of information transfer and sharing ;
  • Elimination of data entry,, and therefore human errors ;
  • Research tools to find information and track projects ;
  • Easy access to information: even from your phone thanks to the mobile app.

For many businesses, Sharepoint has become a central and accessible tool for managing, communicating and exchanging information. Are you ready to experience it?

Effective support for your migration to SharePoint

Downloading and installing SharePoint is easy, but organizing and using it effectively is not necessarily easy. Indeed, a bad organization of the platform can force you to start the process over from the beginning... It is therefore important to benefit from expert advice!

Soluqual offers you its services to ensure the installation, organization, and understanding of SharePoint for your business. Take advantage of the advice and expertise of our team members to maximize your productivity, efficiency and benefit from quick results!

For any questions or information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help you.

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