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Soluqual is the result of several years of collaboration between three technology solutions enthusiasts : Billy Bernard, Samuel Boucher and Tobie Vermette. In 2000, Billy and Samuel’s paths intersect on many occasions to realize different projects. But it’s when they meet Tobie, in 2010, that the idea of creating Soluqual Technologies inc., starts to grow. Together, the trio is incredibly effective! Thanks to the complementary qualities of each, they are able to create efficient solutions that achieve significant improvements for their clients.

In 2015, while the successes continue to multiply, the three partners finally decide to take action and give a name to their shared passion and create Soluqual Technologies Inc.! Ever since, Soluqual has helped multiple companies in Quebec and throughout the world improve their processes and manage information. During these years, it has also developed solutions that further facilitate the implementation of process automation and information management solutions for their customers. Customers who do not hesitate to testify to the excellence of the service offered by Soluqual.

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Our primary goal is to develop business solutions that create value for your business. That’s why we make sure to understand the essence of your organizational activities in order to propose solutions that will optimize your business processes adequately and increase your profitability.

# Efficiency

We develop quality applications that are efficient and easy to use for users. Rest assured, the final result will be faithful to your expectations in addition to being pleasant to use.

“Beware, the results often exceed expectations!”

# Partners of success

Above all, we are partners in your success. Our role is to help you achieve your organizational goals by advising you on the business solutions that best meet your needs.


Be attentive to your requests and take the time to identify your needs without losing sight of your organizational objectives.


Select or design quality applications tailored to your needs that will be user-friendly, integrated and cost-effective.


Maximize return on investment with applications that optimize your business processes and improve your productivity.

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