PARTS: Management of school transport requests

Designed by the Soluqual team, the Transport Request Management Software will give you a better overview of your requests and will make it easier to assign them to your team members.

The software is flexible and can adapt to your types of requests as well as your processing process.

This software is based on the PARTS platform, which offers several exciting features!

Discover the PARTS platform  


  • Overview of your requests
  • Parent Portal
  • Automatic assignments
  • FAQ
  • Customized processes
  • Customized forms
  • No local installation required
  • Communications management
  • Unclogging your service lines
  • Better monitoring
  • Facilitating the search for information
  • Better traceability
  • Efficient management

Communications management

How many emails or calls can you receive for processing the same transportation request?

Processing each of these emails and calls consumes your time, time that you no longer have to process the requests themselves.

Many emails and calls make identifying and organizing work very complex.

Our module software allows communications management within the platform, thus enormously simplifying your communications management.

  • Centralization of communications
  • Elimination of emails
  • Elimination of calls
  • Monitoring of online requests by the parent
  • Communication from the application
  • Automated follow-ups

How does it work?

The parent or guardian logs into the platform and requests to use the available forms.

When processing the request, internal stakeholders can communicate with the requester directly from the request.

The applicant will receive a notification and can access the request, consult the SSC communication, and answer the question or comment directly on the platform.

Additionally, as the internal process progresses, the platform can be configured to send progress statuses to the requester, thus keeping them informed.

This way, the requester will not have to email or call you to ask for a follow-up.

Facilitate the processing of requests and increase requester satisfaction!


The software also contains a section for frequently asked questions by applicants.

A parent or guardian could voluntarily consult the frequently asked questions and find the answer, thus reducing the number of questions to be answered.

What is even more interesting is that when the requester decides to request information, the portal offers him FAQ articles based on the text of his request.

The requester can thus find his answer and not continue with his request, reducing the number of requests to be processed!

Global overview

Managing multiple requests without having an overview can become very difficult, and it becomes challenging to meet processing times or not forget specific requests.

Trying to manage requests with an email box or an Excel file will not meet this need.

Our School Transport Request Management Software offers a dashboard that gives you an overview of all requests to be processed.

This dashboard allows you to filter requests based on different criteria, such as the person assigned to process the request, the type of request, etc.

This dashboard gives a manager an idea of the workload for each stakeholder and allows stakeholders to see all the requests assigned to them.

The dashboard also highlights priority requests or requests for which a requester has recently posted a question or comment.

Feel in total control with the School Transportation Request Management Software!

  • Dashboard
  • Search page

Personalized processes and forms

Our School Transportation Request Management Software comes with generic forms and processing processes.

You can decide to use the various generic forms and processes. However, you can also choose to opt for forms more adapted to your needs and to have a business process more adapted to the particular situation of your SSC.

Since the School Transportation Request Management Software is based on the PARTS platform, customizations are possible and easy to make.

The Soluqual team will advise you and help you make the right choices so that the result is best suited to your situation.

Parent Portal

The School Transport Request Management Module Software has 2 main portals.

A first internal portal is designed for your employees, to process requests and administer the platform. Note here that you will not have to learn new usernames and passwords since our platform integrates with your Office 365.

A second portal is offered to parents or guardians to make requests, monitor requests being processed, and communicate with the SSC.

If you charge a fee for processing different requests, the requester can also track the balances due on the external portal.

This parent portal will be designed in your image and personalized so that you can add your personal touch.

Provide the best experience to your external users!