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Did you know that about 60% of jobs could automate about 30% of their activities? Automating your processes means above all investing in productivity, sustainability and efficiency. Whether it is for the IT department, accounting, human resources or administration: business automation offers you a variety of solutions to free up valuable time and focus on developing your business.

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Let Soluqual’s experts explain what business automation and Information Management are and the many benefits they bring to the table!

What is Business Process automation?

Business process automation can be split into 2 important parts:


Business automation allows part of the tasks performed by the staff to be transferred to computerized systems. Laborious and less significant activities are therefore taken care of by programs tailored to your business, allowing you to devote yourself to more important tasks such as customer relations, problem solving, strategy, etc.

For example, automating your processes can make it easier to coordinate a team through the different stages of a business process, including automating the assignment of tasks to staff members, or sending due date reminders for important events.

Imagine all this freed up time to devote yourself to more important tasks such as customer relations, problem solving, strategy, etc.


Information management within your business can be greatly facilitated when it is intimately linked to automated processes.

To do this, computerized processes can be programmed to control the definition of your document structure, and take care of the application of security rules on your data and documents.

You therefore benefit from a clear and sustainable operating framework that will also save you considerable time!

Many benefits for your business

As you will understand, businee automation can become an important driver of productivity and efficiency in your inner organization. But that’s not all, here are other advantages that this innovation offers you.


We know well, error is human, especially during repetitive operations that can lead to moments of distraction. In this context, entrusting this type of activity to computerized processes allows you to greatly reduce the margin of error!

This way you can :

  • Avoiding error repair costs,
  • Improve customer and team satisfaction,
  • Benefit from a better image with them.


By opting for business automation services, you also rely on sound and efficient management of your information. It is with the use of a clear strategy developed in accordance with your business processes that the centralization of your data and documents can become organized.

The benefits of a sound document management are numerous. Especially when the documentation structure and access are supported by a solution developed according to your needs:

  • The classification of information is standardized in a business logic close to the company model,
  • The risks of duplicating information or documentation are reduced,
  • Access to the most recent version of the information is also enhanced,
  • Assigning metadata to documents is automated, and no extra effort is required from your employees on this side,
  • The metadata attached to your documents makes it easier and faster to find information,
  • The security surrounding the documentation is enforced according to company policies and guidelines.


Finally, as we mentioned, business process automation not only reduces errors, costs and time spent on tasks that have little added value, but also makes you more efficient, more productive and more competitive.

Soluqual : your business automation solution

Ready to increase the productivity of your business? Soluqual offers you its services! We specialize in Business Process Automation.

Our team is made up of experts who have acquired more than 20 years of experience in process automation. To assess your business needs, you can trust our knowledge and expertise.

Want more information about our services and field of expertise? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be happy to help and support you in your business projects.

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